I was drawing titties on my desk and half-listening when my science teacher told us gold never rusts. Years later an OG from the city told me to smile regardless of what life throws my way. His gold teeth were visible from a block away; illuminating the darkness the evening submerged the two of us in. The internet says lighthouses are towers designed to emit light; navigational aids for maritime pilots marking dangerous coastlines, hazardous reefs, and safe entries to harbors. I hardly knew the OG’s words would go on to save my life. I was half-listening and probably thinking about titties. My teacher explained to us how flesh decays and decomposes but bones fossilize if buried in the earth. Gold essentially lasts forever. We haven’t had an earthquake in 28 years. I realized that OG’s words were themselves made of gold when I first saw a dead body. They stuck with me. Much of my science teacher’s words rusted into nothingness. That’s just how it goes. The probability of you being born is estimated at around one in 400 trillion, so says the Internet. We are here by chance; more or less a coin toss. On the playground I learned that pennies tend to land on heads for whatever reason. I felt in control. Around that time the Internet was starting to become a thing. Us boys often used it to find smut. Dial-up tones and pop-up ads washing over us, we had no idea this thing would become what it is. I think I still think about girls too much. A girl brought me home one night by chance; a coin toss. Pennies are made of copper and eventually rust. Centuries from now they won’t be able to tell which side was heads and which side was tails. Condoms are 98% effective. Some of us are, in the most literal sense, here by accident. She fell asleep bare-breasted. There are cave drawings with titties on them. Most of us are going to live long enough, some won’t be as lucky. The city tremors often. People say we’re due for another earthquake. It made me uncomfortable when the penny landed on tails. Death gives perspective. She told me she likes me. What are her words made of? Bones fossilize if buried in the earth and I wonder if they’ll find some with gold teeth.